First go, fair go! Social media in the medical workplace

People who read blogs are likely to enjoy a healthy slice of Tech; if you are ‘techy’ it follows that  like me, you’re also likely to be a fan of ‘The Matrix’ franchise. So, picture it…

Neo’s eyes flicker open as he stirs amongst the debris.  As he rises to his feet Morpheus mutters the immortal movie-line “He is beginning to believe”.

Until a few months ago I was somewhat social media naive. Okay, I enjoyed posting a cycling-selfie  on Facebook and speculating on the rugby fortunes of Wales and the B&I Lions on Twitter as much as the next bloke, but it played virtually no part in my working life.  Not that I hadn’t tried.  I lead a Trust group called ‘Emerging technology and workforce development’ and suggested we exchange links and ideas by Twitter.  BUT, No-one was admitting to using Twitter for work related issues, nor indeed other types of social media.  Maybe I generously interpreted my colleague’s stance as an attempt to maintain healthy blue-water between work and home life. My social media use continued to flat-line…

I am in a very different place now.  I can’t quite recall when my attitude and usage began to change, but the effect has been quite something.  I still have my twitter account for the rugby and  selfies, see @brum_taffy **grusome alert**, but I primarily use my professional identify @swelldiabetes now and I use it for so much more than I ever imagined.  Here is a flavour…

-I joined in with #NHSHackday in Cardiff as part of a group which developed software tracking eye movements, allowing measurement of visual acuity in kids and people with learning disability. It’s made me aspire to become a doctor who codes

-I felt really involved with #NHSChangeday locally tweeting pictures of our Trust champions and more widely praising the sterling effort across the UK, encouraging many other people to pledge

-Social media has become my favourite tool for my professional development: it won’t be too long until it becomes an integral part of professionals’ portfolio IMO

-Thanks to @ninjabetic1 I now recommend social media as a place to get help and support to the patients that I serve with diabetes and other long-term conditions: ‘prescribing’ social media, in its widest sense

-it gives me a strong sense of collegiality, connectedness and #CuttingEdgeNess I cannot get elsewhere

So, an enormous thank you to Anne & Anne-Marie for getting me on the blogging path.

IMG_6530 #NHSHackday Cardiff iCards Team

IMG_6501 Team Planning

My journey to get to #Blog1 has been a lot of fun.  I’m so glad I have made it. Thanks to the #SoMe community for bringing me with them.

I’m beginning to believe”



2 thoughts on “First go, fair go! Social media in the medical workplace

  1. Glad to see another believer, welcome to blogging :). Social media changed my life in relation to diabetes. Finding an old PHPB discussion board of type 1 diabetics back in the late 90s way before Twitter and Facebook was like coming out of the wilderness, people just like me who I could swap stories with was priceless.

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